Mental Health Awareness in Criminal Proceedings

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One in four people in the UK suffer with a mental health problems each year caused by a various personal circumstances. PCD Solicitors are working daily with people who're suffering with their mental health due to ongoing police investigations and or court proceedings. Recently we have provided all of our staff with the opportunity to complete a mental health awareness course, with a view to us being able to identify mental health illnesses and to be able to signpost those clients suffering with their mental health in the right direction. 

How we can help you

The Mental Health Awareness qualification obtained by our team at PCD Solicitors helps to recognise the common mental health issues that can affect people facing sexual offence allegations. It has assisted us in making decisions on the appropriate action to take when preparing our clients case and liaising with them. 

It is important to us that from day one we are able to build a rapport with each individual client, it is only by doing this that we can do the best for you. Some investigations involving sexual allegations can take up to two years to resolve, it is important you are working with your legal team and that we understand each other. 

Talking about the details of sexual offences can sometimes be extremely difficult, our team take an open, friendly and empathetic approach to our client’s personal circumstances and the details of their offence. With the training courses we have completed we are able to identify and work with those suffering with mental health issues that are ongoing or result from a police investigation and or court proceedings. 

Being aware of any mental health illnesses and the consequences they can have on a persons thought processes is hugely beneficial to criminal defence lawyers. A suspects mental health can impact the outcome of their case, their defence and or their mitigation. It can also impact the advice we give to you and the action we take in relation to your case, for example; your fitness to plead, sentencing options open to the court, the appropriate type or remand and, whether you require any special measures at court or at the police station. If we can identify the red flags, we can then involve the relevant experts and services that may assist in your case. 

The Mental Health Awareness qualification we have completed covers the common types of mental health problems including: Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Panic attacks, Depression, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Eating disorders, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Loneliness and Stress. It also describes how you can look after and support others with their mental health issues.