Sexual Offence Solicitors

At PCD Solicitors, we defend a wide range of sexual offences, including allegations of rape and sexual assault. Our team of specialist solicitors believe that everyone deserves the right to quality legal advice and representation – no matter what the allegation.

PCD Solicitors provide a bespoke, first class, results-driven service. Please call us for expert advice and representation.

We do not work with Legal Aid due to the restrictions it can place on a firm in these time-critical circumstances.

Successfully defending an allegation of a sexual nature involves;

  1. Pre-charge police negotiation 
  2. Police station advice and representation 
  3. Detailed expert analysis of prosecution evidence & unused material
  4. Third-party requests for disclosure (e.g. phone records & social service records)
  5. Site visits 
  6. Preparing defence witness statements 
  7. Detailed cross-examination of prosecution witnesses 

We defend all allegations of a sexual nature, including;


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Our team of solicitors are constantly commenting on the latest legal developments. If you want to know more about sexual offences, read our blog.

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PCD Solicitors began challenging the police before I was charged. The investigation was dropped 8 weeks later.

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