2021 - A Year for PCD Solicitors

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As we begin a new year here at PCD Solicitors we have reflected on 2021 and the great successes we have had for our clients. From challenging cases at the pre charge stage resulting in no further action, to achieving acquittals at trial and ensuring where custodial sentences apply to cases, they are avoided. 

Our success rates of no further action for cases throughout 2021 where we are instructed to represent clients at the investigation stage of a case, for offences concerning sexual assault and or rape remains at 100%. This is down to our knowledge, care and dedication applied to the representation of all of our clients where they are suspected of committing a sexual offence. We cannot stress the importance of pre charge engagement with the police enough, and the difference this can make on whether a person is prosecuted for an offence. 

"I was under investigation for almost 2 years. PCD Solicitors represented me at police interview and submitted representations to the CPS on my behalf. After an agonising wait, I was recently informed that the CPS are taking no further action."(Verified Review)

In November 2021 we defended a 28 year old accused of a series of serious historical sexual assaults and rapes, alleged to have been committed when he himself was a child. This case had been ongoing for almost two years with the COVID 19 pandemic and various other issues delaying trial however, here at PCD Solicitors we continued to work hard in preparing this case and overcome the set backs which we faced. To the client’s relief the jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all seven allegations within 20 minutes of deliberations. We are pleased that this client is now resuming normal life with his family. 

Throughout 2021 we have been instructed on many cases concerning the possession, making, distribution and production of indecent images of children, representing a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds. Understanding the legal requirements for such offences to be proven and with careful consideration of any forensic evidence we have had cases discontinued at the police investigative stage and at the beginning of court proceedings.

Instructing specialist sexual offence solicitors is paramount in such cases. PCD Solicitors dedicate time to our staff to ensure their skills are continuously developing and keeping up with changes to the law, scientific evidence and their knowledge of the weaknesses of the police investigations in such cases.

"I am overjoyed that my case was discontinued!! THANK YOU!!!!
I was released under investigation for a crime I did not commit!! this morning I have been informed that the police are not continuing their investigation."

In cases where clients are charged and have entered guilty pleas to such offences we have had no custodial sentences imposed by the magistrates or crown court. Meticulous preparation of a client’s mitigation documents and spending valuable time with the client to discuss, advise on and obtain mitigation has been crucial in achieving these results. 

PCD Solicitors were instructed on a widely reported case which went onto set precedent at the Court of Appeal. The case addressed the sentencing of offenders who have been speaking online to what they believed was a child, when in fact it was an undercover police officer or hunter group posing as a child. Working with specialist barristers we attended the Court of Appeal following an application made by the Attorney General who had applied to have our client’s sentence increased on the basis his sentence imposed at the Crown Court was too lenient. Our client’s sentence was increased but again, through thorough preparation and successful court submissions he was not imprisoned. This case was made more complex as the client was not a UK national and so faced the prospect of deportation, we were able to ensure with the new sentence imposed he was not subject to the deportation laws. All other defendants, not represented by PCD Solicitors, considered as part of this appeal were sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

"Amazing from top to bottom. Jess Claire and Marcus went above and beyond to help me get through years and years I will never get back but I can’t speak highly of them. No matter what hour of day it was they was always there for me, recently found not guilty after a trial and they stuck by me and put me first. Unbelievable law firm and even better people" (review 2021)

We have represented youth clients who have been arrested as a result of sexually explicit images exchanged between one another. The youths in this case did not understand that it was an offence to distribute or possess indecent images of anyone under the age of 18 and therefore, a youth male being in possession of a sexual photograph of his 14 year old girlfriend resulted in police action. We achieved a fantastic result in this case; the police handling of the case, breaches of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and failure of the police to acknowledge guidance on investigating youth sexual offences given by the Attorney General were all key issues identified by our team. 

We pro actively continue to represent clients throughout England and Wales accused of very serious sexual offences against both children and adults. We look forward to doing our very best in achieving the desired outcomes of our client’s throughout 2022. 

If you, a friend or family member has been accused of a sexual offence, please do get in touch for a free and confidential chat with one of our specialist lawyers on 0151 705 8488.